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This is Mission Inn Towers

This is going to be the start of a series where I take you on the adventure of my grandfather's artwork.  Don O'Neill, my grandfather painted over 3500 paintings throughout his career spanning from the 1970s to his passing in 2007.    I took over his business after his passing and I am proud to produce over 100 different giclee prints of his work.  Every few weeks I will share a different piece and tell the story, at least the story as far as I know it.   Every painting is in a story of itself and I hope to share what I know to you.   This first post is going to depict perhaps his most popular painting. 

This is Mission Inn Towers.  

Don painted Riverside's Mission Inn numerous times over his career.  This painting however is perhaps his most famous.  Don painted this beautiful watercolor painting in the late 1980s.  This image of the Mission Inn as painted, had to be planned beginning with a high and very long distant view so as to place each dome in the position as sho…