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This is Mt. Rubidoux Peace Tower

We go back to Riverside for this entry with a special look at a very special landmark,  Mt.  Rubidoux Peace Tower.

This is Mt. Rubidoux Peace Tower
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Don painted this watercolor in 2006, shortly before his passing in 2007, as one of a series of Peace Tower paintings. It is one of the final works of his career, making it a very special painting. This particular work contrasts the cool background and sky with the warm hues of the foliage and sunlight falling on the bridge.  If you ever get the opportunity to browse around private collections you may see some of Don's other versions of Peace Tower with nearly identical composition but the drastically different color palette and hue.   Don took a few artistic liberties with this piece such as making the road appear more natural when in reality it was paved in the early 1900s with some of the earliest road paving machines.

In 1906, Mt. Rubidoux wa…