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This is the Skier

My grandfather was predominately known as a landscape painter.  Most of his fans are familiar with the various Mission Inn and other architectural scenes he painted throughout his career.  It is not unheard of for artists of this caliber to dabble in the occasional figurative work.  However, in the 1990's,  Don took on an incredible challenge, he went beyond figure work and painted action filled sports scenes.   As our mountains of California are full of snow I could not find a better time to showcase this wonderful painting.

This is The Skier

A professional skier, racing down a mountain with a trail of white powder snow behind him.  You can feel the raw action and movement in this painting.  A massive contrast from the usual calm and relaxing feeling that my grandfather's paintings bring out.   There is a lot going on with this painting so let me tell you a bit that I know about the back story.

When I first started taking watercolor classes in late 2005, I told my grandfather…